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STEM Cell Hair Restoration Near Me In Orlando USA

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For Men and Women in Orlando FL

What is STEM Cell Hair Restoration?

Mythically thought to be a strictly male disease, alopecia, or hair loss, is a condition that affects both women and men on equal measure. In fact, the female population makes a significant percentage of people suffering from hair loss not only in the United States, but globally. According to the American Academy Dermatology, nearly 40% of American women suffer from visible alopecia by the time they attain the age of forty. Whereas some forms of hair loss are temporary, certain types, such as pattern baldness are overly permanent. Whether you are a lady or a man, hair loss can be an absolutely devastating experience. It affects your well-being, confidence as well as self-image.

If you are currently suffering hair loss symptoms, you are definitely in the right place. The conventional hair loss treatment methods are not only ineffective, but offer little success and may also pose detrimental effects on your health. Fortunately, we now have a highly effective, 100% natural and safe Power PRP hair restoration cost technique that can restore your lost hair in a relatively shorter time span. STEM Cell hair restoration treatment is now available in Orlando and you can visit the USA Hair Clinic for consultation and subsequent treatment.

stem cell hair restoration
stem cell hair restoration near me

So, How does this Highly Innovative Hair Treatment Procedure Work?

Stem hair treatment technique is an extremely advanced procedure that employs the use of the cells in your body to enhance hair growth. Typically, STEM Cell are charged with the responsibility of healing and repairing all the damaged tissues in the body. They are invaluable building blocks with the ability to transform into other cell types. They boast potent regenerative properties and this is why they are transferred to body areas without enough hair to initiate the regeneration of hair follicles. There are lots of them in the bone marrows and can be collected to help boost scalp hair regrowth.

When you lose your natural hair, the follicles don’t always die. They are only dormant and not capable of producing a sufficient amount of follicles. The STEM Cell, when used in conjunction with Power PRP, and injected into the body are that lacks hair, help to rejuvenate your existing tissues and this, in turn, helps to initiate hair growth. If you didn’t know, this particular hair treatment method helps to restore large, full and incredibly healthy hair you’ve been missing!

Best STEM Cell Hair Restoration in USA

It is imperative to note that this is a highly complex hair restoration procedure that should only be conducted by highly experienced and qualified plastic surgeons. At USA Hair Clinic, we boast an extremely educated, experienced and competent staff.

Dr. J, in particular, is a world-class doctor who is not only a double certified board member, is highly specialized in both female and male hair restoration, but has over ten years of experience in face, neck and head plastic surgery and has successfully carried out more than ten thousand STEM Cell procedures throughout his career. What’s more, he enjoys a global reputation thanks to high level of performance he always delivers.

During this hair restoration technique, Dr. J typically inserts very small cannulas beneath your skin with the help of miniature incisions to harvest fats that are rich in STEM Cell. After this Dr. J uses state-of-the-art technology to purify the extracted STEM Cell and is ready to be infused inside the area of interest. However, they must first be mixed with platelet-rich plasma in your blood for effective results. This mixture is subsequently injected into your scalp where it immediately triggers your existing follicles accordingly, thus helping to repair, rejuvenate and stimulate the natural growth of hair.

stem cell hair transplant
stem cell hair transplant

Are you the Perfect Candidate?

If you are currently suffering from hair loss problem, regardless of your gender, you are a good candidate for STEM Cell hair restoration procedure. During your complementary consultation at USA Hair Clinic, we will assess and see if you are a good candidate. We boast extremely comfortable and modern treatment rooms and you are always assured of high-quality service. What’s more, we have reputable and experienced PRF and Power PRP surgeons who make use of their unrivaled artistic skills to achieve the best results at all cost.

stem cell hair transplant
stem cell hair transplant

The Potential Benefits of Hair STEM Cell Restoration:

  • It is a painless procedure: This technique doesn’t involve the use of either stitches or any sort of cutting.
  • Affordable: At USA Hair Clinic, we provide high-quality hair restoration treatments at affordable prices. As a patient you’ll only have to pay $3500 to start your treatment journey.
  • A hundred percent safe, elegant natural hair: This is because this hair restoration method uses the patient’s own blood to positively impact the hair growth on the balding region.
  • The procedure is pretty quick: After less than an hour, you’ll be heading home!
  • Minimal downtime: After you’ve undergone this FDA-approved treatment, you’ll be free to resume your activities the following day

Don’t wait any longer! Grab this opportunity and visit our Orlando offices for a complementary consultation and subsequent treatment.

stem cell hair transplant

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