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What is PRF Hair Restoration

Those suffering from hair loss can now afford a smile on their faces, thanks to the availability of a highly innovative and effective hair loss treatment procedure, known as PRF, (Platelet-Rich Fibrin). It is the latest non-surgical hair restoration therapy available. Platelet-rich Fibrin is a revolutionary, more advanced version of Power PRP therapy. PRF boasts a relatively greater concentration of white blood cells, fibrin, and platelets. What’s more, PRF is filled with some amounts of STEM Cell, which are not available in the conventional Power PRP treatment technique. STEM Cell serve as a repair system for the body to rejuvenate adult tissues.

Human blood is usually filled with white blood cells, plasma, red blood cells as well as platelets. When blood is centrifuged, PRF is obtained. PRF, on the other hand, boasts a considerable amount of STEM Cell, fibrin, and white blood cells. Whereas white blood cells play a vital role in tissue regeneration, platelets contain various growth factors which enhance the production of collagen, boost skin texture, hair growth and regenerate tissue.

STEM Cell are all-purpose cells which can either transform themselves into specialized cells or develop into other STEM Cell. Fibrin acts as the bedrock on which the growth factors cling on to ensure an extended release of their coveted growth factors.

prf hair treatment near me
prf hair treatment near me

How does this Highly Innovative Procedure Work to Regrow your Lost Hair?

Depending on the size of your treatment area, between two and four vials of blood is extracted from your body, especially the arm. This sample is thereafter centrifuged using specialized mechanisms to concentrate growth factors, STEM Cell, white blood cells and rejuvenate fibrin. Consequently, this process helps to eliminate the other components of blood which are not essential. The resulting PRF is then taken from the vials and carefuly injected into the regions of hair loss as well as any other place that may require hair regrowth.

Hair follicles will only grow and thrive on a body that gets proper nutrition. This implies that if your hair roots are healthy, the chances are very high that your hair will equally grow healthy. If the highly potent Power PRP hair restoration in orlando molecules are administered in the area with the damaged follicles of hair, they boost your body’s naturally occurring hair growth mechanism hence the improved hair growth. Typically, PRF hair treatment technique involves the stimulation of the dormant follicles of hair into an active growth and development phase. Platelets are filled with countless growth factors. When these growth factors are rejuvenated, they trigger both tissue healing and regeneration. Equally, the same growth factors have the possibility to promote hair growth on your scalp or any other area. They may also slow down hair loss.

PRF for Hair Loss Procedure

Due to the complexity and the nature of the PRF hair treatment technique, it requires the intervention of well-trained, qualified and highly experienced surgeons. USA Hair Clinic has a highly experienced staff that has over ten years of work experience in the field of plastic surgery. 

Dr. J, in particular, is an incredibly knowledgeable, experienced surgeon who has performed more than 10,000 PRF procedures. He has worked with hair loss patients from across all parts of the globe.

To extract PRF, Dr. J uses his artistic skill and state-of-the-art equipment to draw a small amount of your blood. This sample is then immersed inside a high speed, FDA Approved centrifuge which helps to separate the platelets from the red blood cells. From here, Fibrin can now be acquired. The PRF is consequently transferred into the very specific zones of your scalp where they can now regrow and rejuvenate hair follicles. The follicles, on the other hand, are responsible for the growth of newer, vibrant and fuller hair which is equally natural. To arrive at the desired results, you may be needed to undergo several treatment sessions.


PRF model 03
PRF model 04

The Potential Benefits of The Above Hair Restoration Technique Include:

  • Fast recovery: The operation not only pain-free but equally encourages faster recovery.
  • Provides natural results: After completing your PRF treatment, you’ll see your natural hair start to grow as early as two months. After one year, your hair would have grown into natural beautiful hair.
  • Highly affordable: We offer PRF procedure at arguably the lowest price across the globe. Regardless, the quality of our services is still unrivaled.
  • No downtime: After you’ve undergone the procedure, you’ll just resume your normal daily activities as soon as you feel comfortable.
prf hair treatment near me
prf hair treatment

Are you a Good Candidate for PRF Treatment Procedure?

You’ll be a good candidate for platelet-rich fibrin therapy for hair restoration if you feel surgery isn’t good for you but you would want to treat your hair loss.

What does this Technique Cost?

At USA Hair Clinic, our patients can avail of our special offer of $1,000. If a patient wishes to opt for a bundle of 4 treatments, they will enjoy the discount by paying $3,500 only! Simply put, we offer our services at relatively more affordable prices. Dr. J has specialization in PRF and is always involved in the hair transplant procedure itself, ensuring you get the best natural-looking results you’ve been looking for. What’s more, the procedure is conducted inside our extremely comfortable treatment rooms in Orlando, Florida. For best results, four monthly consecutive treatments are needed. You have every reason to involve our experienced staff in your journey toward having thick, full-grown and natural looking hair. Book your complementary consultation today and get to know more about your impending PRF hair treatment.

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