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SmartGraft® Hair Transplant Near Me In Orlando USA

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For Men and Women in Orlando FL

SmartGraft® – A Smart Solution to Restore Your Hair

What is SmartGraft®?

SmartGraft® hair transplant is an advanced procedure in the realm of hair transplant. As clear from its name, it provides a smart solution to your hair fall problems. As compared to other procedures, SmartGraft® uses fully automated methods to separate and remove the graft and later store it for use afterwards. It is a relatively hassle-free procedure which employs only one device for all these operations, hence the procedure is completed with minimal scarring and other side effects.

Free of any manual procedures, SmartGraft® uses only one automated hand-held device for the whole process. This lessens the effort needed to obtain the graft before the implantation on the subject.

Due to dust and other harmful agents in the environment, the hair health takes a great toll which causes premature hair fall. This is the major cause of rapidly receding hair lines in young people. USA Hair clinic provides SmartGraft® procedure. It is carried out by the leading figure in the world of hair transplantation, Dr J. Dr J is a respectable member of the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, which is a living proof of his skills.

smartgraft hair transplant
smartgraft hair transplant

How SmartGraft® stands out from other Procedures Like NeoGraft?

As SmartGraft® procedure for hair transplantation uses only one automated handheld device, it serves to minimize the scarring and post-operative trauma. SmartGraft® is often compared with other Follicular Unit Extraction methods like NeoGraft. Both SmartGraft® and NeoGraft are designed to minimize scarring during the transplantation procedure but SmartGraft® stands out due to the automated nature of the procedure and device.

Revolutionary Hair Transplant Procedure

SmartGraft® is a revolutionary procedure for extracting out the grafts from the donor. It separates the grafts by applying gentle suction, after which the grafts are removed and stored in a specialized container with tightly-controlled conditions in order to preserve the graft in the best possible condition. SmartGraft® is also the only procedure which enables the graft to be stored in a specialized container to preserve it when removed from the donor.

NeoGraft procedure requires a lot of careful effort by the surgeon for precise placement of the grafts. However, SmartGraft® requires a lot lesser effort on the part of specialist extracting the graft from the donor. Removing grafts from the donor often leaves scars or zipper appearance at the site from where the grafts are removed. SmartGraft® procedure acts to minimize this phenomenon by using a hassle-free and fully automated technique for removal of grafts by using gentle suction.

Advantages of SmartGraft®:

Minimal Scarring: The biggest advantage of the SmartGraft® procedure is its minimal invasiveness based on its automated nature. The hassle-free procedure leaves as minimum scars as possible.

Faster Recovery: SmartGraft® is a very efficient procedure that requires minimum recovery time after the surgery. People can usually go on with their daily routines within a day after having the surgery.

More Natural Look: This procedure caters to the individual hair needs. The customized hair procedure imparts the desired look to the hair, matching the natural look.

Affordable: USA Hair Clinic provides very affordable hair transplantation procedure supervised by Dr J. This procedure is highly cost-effective and is worth your money.

smartgraft hair transplant
smartgraft hair restoration

SmartGraft® Procedure at USA Hair Clinic:

Hair transplantation requires a very efficient and careful procedure that helps achieve the desired results. USA Hair Clinic provides you complementary consultation about the procedure. We employ state-of-the-art machinery and expert hair transplantation specialists who can take care of your hair needs due to their wide clinical experience in this field. The hand-held devices used by these experienced specialists can achieve the desirable results through SmartGraft®, which is the most advanced procedure among all the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) methods.

Dr J is a specialist hair transplantation surgeon who is also a member of American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. He has a wide clinical experience in restoration and regenerative medicine for combating hair loss, along with immaculate expertise in the fields of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. Dr J is also a respectable member of ACCMA, CMA and AACS owing to his wide clinical experience and is one of the best hair transplantation experts.

hair transplant surgery

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