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jGraft – Truly Innovative Hair Transplantation

jGraft/ FUE Hair Transplant:

People have since long relied on conventional hair transplant methods. These methods are cheap but often offer fewer convincing results. Scientific advancements have brought about a lot of innovation in the field of hair transplant. Professional hair transplant specialist, Dr. J, has developed a new technique known as jGraft

What Is jGraft Or MicroFUE Hair Restoration Method?

Contrary to conventional methods for the best hair transplant in usa, jGraft is a fully automated process that employs the most advanced equipment and methods. Hair is taken from the donor area using micro-punch technology. For this procedure, the grafts are preferentially taken from the backside of the head, as the grafts from these areas are usually denser and thicker than the grafts from other body parts.

jgraft hair transplant
hair graft near me

What Skill Set is Needed?

jGraft method is a relatively simpler method of hair transplantation and is minimally invasive. But, the method involves transferring the grafts to the areas where they are needed with great precision to minimize the chance of follicle wasting. This requires a very artistic set of skills on the part of the hair transplant specialist. Moreover, the procedure involves the perfect angle of grafts to streamline the appearance of the grafts to already existing hair. This requires the procedure to be virtually error-free. Dr. J is a very highly qualified hair transplant specialist having years of experience in the field of hair transplantation. The advanced techniques of micro-punch hair extraction paired with a comfortable treatment experience yield the best possible results.

What are the Advantages?

Zero Scarring: Traditionally employed methods for hair transplantation include the FUT method. These methods result in some side effects in the subject. For example, many cases report scarring in the transplantation area after undergoing FUT hair treatment.

Minimally Invasive: Hair transplantation done through strips or other FUE methods are complex and highly invasive procedures. As compared to these conventional methods, jGraft is a minimally invasive procedure

Zero Follicle Wasting: The highly advanced method of pneumatic pressure used to extract grafts ensures that even a single hair follicle remains undamaged. This minimizes follicle wasting and greatly increases the value of money.

Natural Look: jGraft has a similar hair growth regime as the NUGrow procedure. This technique employs the patient’s growth factor at the implantation as well as the donor of the grafts. This helps to achieve a more streamlined and natural look of transplanted hair than conventional methods of hair transplantation.

Faster Recovery: Conventional hair treatments require relatively longer times for recovery than jGraft procedure. Normally, patients recover and resume their daily life activities in less than a day after the procedure.

hair graft near me
jgraft hair transplant

USA Hair Clinic – A Savior for your Hair:

USA Hair Clinic employs high-quality and state-of-the-art machines and procedures for the jGraft hair transplantation technique. Our procedure ensures satisfying results in six to twelve months after the treatment. Moreover, the treatment through this procedure at our clinic is highly effective, yet affordable.

Dr. J, American Board Certified Transplantation Specialist:

Dr. J is a hair transplantation and treatment professional with having highly qualified specialization in regenerative medicine as well as aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. Dr. J has many years of experience in providing specialist advice and treatment to countless patients, which has helped them recover their lost hair effectively. He is also a highly respected regular member of CMA, AACS, and ACCMA, which proves his professionalism in his field. jGraft is a proprietary technique developed by Dr. J which is pending approval from FDA. For complementary consultation, contact (407) 338-4939

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