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Laser Light Hair Restoration Near Me In Orlando USA

Premier Hair Regrowth Clinic

For Men and Women in Orlando FL

What is Laser Light Hair Restoration?

Lower Level of the Laser Therapy is becoming a very developed technology.

In the areas of rehabilitation and physical medicine, this kind of laser therapy is becoming quite popular as well. When the human skin is exposed to open light, it reacts to the red and the near-infrared wavelengths of light. These two wavelengths of lights are used in laser treatment in order to increase the growth of tissue cells. It also helps the tissues to regenerate and repair by increasing the cellular growth and activity.

Lower Level of the Laser Therapy has readily shown many positive effects in many medical conditions, like the stroke recovery, the nerve regeneration, and
also with various types of hair loss.

laser light hair restoration
laser hair growth near me

Weak and Thin Hair Treatment

Androgenetic Alopecia

The type of hair loss which affects most men and women is known as Androgenetic alopecia. It is most commonly known as pattern balding. Minoxidil and Finasteride are the FDA permitted drugs, used to treat this problem. Low Level of Laser Therapy is also recommended to treat this problem. Researches show that laser therapy readily can stimulate hair growth. This process is completely safe and is approved by the FDA.

Action Mechanism

Hair growth consists of three phases. The first phase, which consists of growth is Anagen. The second phase, known as Catagen, is when the follicles shrink. The last pase is known as Telogen. This is when the shedding happens. The Laser therapy shift the existing hair follicles into Anagen phase which helps to restore their growth for fuller hair.

Lower Level of the Laser Therapy and its effects

LLLT can treat weak and thin hair in the best possible way. It also very successfully can stop the process of hair loss midway. But it cannot work if the follicles are not active because it stimulates hair growth of the alive follicles. Each therapy session lasts from ten to thirty minutes. The number of treatments varies.

laser hair growth near me
laser hair growth near me

Benefits of Laser Light Hair Restoration

Lower Level of the Laser Therapy should be applied on those who needs it. The conditions in which this therapy is effective are listed below.

  • Male pattern of hair loss which is genetic.
  • Women and men who are suffering from hair loss problem and have not yet been treated.
  • Those who already went through the therapy of hair transplant.
  • The patients those who suffered hair loss problems due to drug-induced hair loss or chemotherapy.
  • Women who lost their hair due to pregnancy or menopause.
  • Benefits of the Lower Level of the Laser Therapy
  • The therapy helps to increase hair growth, making it healthier and stronger.
  • It prevents any further hair loss and regenerates the follicles. Thus the volume of hair increases.
  • The damaged hair is repaired and new hair is grown
  • The treatment is effective in both males and females.
  • The treatment is not expensive and also painless.
  • The therapy is compatible with the Power PRP treatment
  • This laser therapy promotes growth in the crown area and along the hairline.
  • This affordable therapy helps to grow and regenerate new hair follicles and helps those who are suffering from hair loss problems.
laser light hair restoration

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