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Best Neograft® Hair Transplant Near me In Orlando USA

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For Men and Women in Orlando FL

What is NeoGraft® Hair Restoration?

Hair loss will always remain a sensitive subject, whether it’s talked about or not. Millions of people across the globe are suffering from hair loss. According to the American Dermatology Academy, up to 67% of American men will experience some form of appreciable hair loss after attaining the age of 35. In fact, the same report revealed that at least fifty million men in the country are currently experiencing male pattern baldness.

Women aren’t spared either, and at least thirty million American women are suffering from some form of hair loss. Even so, women all over the globe are silently suffering as a result of embarrassment, emotional shock, and stress associated with female hair loss. Simply jput, you aren’t alone!

The good news is that we now have highly effective hair restoration treatments that help restore your lost hair and put back a smile on your face. Arguably, NeoGraft® hair restoration technique is the best solution for individuals currently experiencing hair loss issues.

neograft hair transplant
neograft hair transplant

What does NeoGraft® Technique Involve?

Not only does this particular method FDA approved, but is equally the most advanced, effective and result-oriented best hair transplant procedure in the U.S. and thankfully, is now available at USA Hair Clinic. In fact, it is perceived to be the most advanced procedure in the world of hair transplant.

What does this Technique Works?

NeoGraft employs the use controlled pneumatic pressure to precisely remove full individual hair follicles, implying that there is no single instance of either twisting or pulling which may risk damaging the graft. The follicles of hair are promptly transplanted into the designated area of your scalp without causing any form of discomfort or damage to either your nerves or skin tissues.

It is worth to emphasize that NeoGraft® computerized hair restoration procedure is the only available complete extraction system on the market that provides the so-called Non-contact implantation technology. Every single graft is seamlessly designed uniformly, thanks to the system’s automated functionality. Pneumatic pressure plays a critical role in ensuring that every single follicle preserves its initial characteristic and this implies that it remains undamaged, whole and intact. This is a highly beneficial factor, considering that the other treatment techniques use forceps to extract follicles which yields undesirable results.

Dr. J Performs All The NeoGraft® In Orlando

Before these grafts can be transplanted into the selected areas, the NeoGraft®, once more, utilizes its trademark pneumatic pressure technology to uniformly reinsert the follicles to their new location. Of course, this complex procedure only needs to be carried out by highly trained, qualified and experienced professional doctors. Our clinic boasts highly experienced surgeons who have everything at their disposal to conduct a safe, successful and effective NeoGraft® hair treatment procedure. Dr. J performs all the NeoGraft® hair restoration treatments in Orlando, Florida. So far, he has performed more than ten thousand operations, all of which have been successful! You can always depend on us to deliver the perfect results. Whether small or big, no hair restoration technique is beyond our magical power, experience, and knowledge!

Even though the loss of hair can be seen as an emotional part of the normal aging process, a lot of people usually find it hard to deal with such type of change. The previous conventional methods such as FUE and the strip techniques had lots of limitations that rendered them ineffective. For instance, the strip method resulted in surgical scarring and equally involved methods that were highly invasive. On the other hand, under manual FUE hair treatment sessions, patients are often forced to undergo extended procedures because of its time-consuming nature.

Thankfully, the advent of technology has given birth to the incredibly effective NeoGraft® technique which is not only unrivaled in terms of the results, but the speed with which it’s completed. All patients that have undergone this particular procedure are always satisfied with the results.

neograft hair transplant near me
neograft hair transplant

How Soon Will You See The Results?

The technology behind grafting is pretty simple. Hair follicles are extracted from a donor region. The follicles which contain the transplanted hair are living tissues which grow and develop cyclically. After the normal hair has been drafted into the balding sections, your grafted hair will likely remain in place for between two to four weeks before they start to shred off. After this, the new growth will begin to develop. To put it simply, NeoGraft® Orlando Hair Restoration treatments are typically visible about three to four months after treatment.
neograft hair transplant
neograft hair transplant near me

What are the Advantages of this Particular Technique?

  • Quick recovery time: This is arguably the most important benefit. After undergoing this treatment procedure, you can freely and comfortably walk into your place of work the following day!
  • Minimally-invasive: Thanks to the availability of the state-of-the-art equipment used in this type of treatment, the procedure is minimally invasive. The overall operation reduces surgical incisions to reduce trauma to patients’ body.
  • Natural looking results: If you’ve ever wanted to undergo a hair transplant procedure that allows you to achieve natural looking results, NeoGraft® hair treatment should be the best option.
  • Cost-effective: Not only does this technique provides unmatched results, but is equally highly affordable. At USA Hair Clinic, we only charge a fee of $2.99 per graft. What’s more, this comes covered by a complementary consultation session.
  • No stitches, incisions or staples: What this means is that you’ll never experience any type of scarring whatsoever, after the procedure. This gives you the opportunity to wear your hair short if you choose to without having to think about the unsightly scars!
neograft hair transplant near me

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