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Acell Hair Restoration Near Me In Orlando USA

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For Men and Women in Orlando FL

Therapy for Hair Restoration: ACell + Power PRP Injection Therapy

Hair loss is a very common problem for millions of men and women throughout the world due to various reasons. It can be due to increasing age or conditions like alopecia but it can be a shameful situation for experiencing extreme hair loss.

ACell + Power PRP Injection Therapy has been developed for those who do not wish to seek Hair Transplant but still want to tackle their hair loss.

ACell + Power PRP Injection Therapy is a 90-minute process to conserve and thicken patient’s hair. The combination of two techniques, ACell’s MatriStem and Power PRP, has made this therapy different from others. Initially, it depends on Power PRP otherwise known as Platelet-rich Plasma, derived from the blood of the patient. Power PRP stimulates the growth of hair when injected into the scalp due to a large number of growth factors present in it. ACell is the natural Acellular material found in the body. It encourages the formation of blood cells and vessels when injected by using the device called MatriStem.

Both of these technologies together form an effective ACell + Power PRP Injection Therapy of hair restoration near me. It makes the affected hair follicles large and healthy to grow strong hair in those losing their hair due to hypotrichosis, alopecia areata or any other non-hereditary condition. After initial treatment growth of new hair can be noticed within 2 months which may continue up to one year. Thus you can get a head full of hair along with repairing your lost confidence through this non-surgical method.

acell hair restoration near me
acell hair restoration near me

ACell + Power PRP With Neograft Hair Transplant Surgery

Apart from affecting your looks hair loss can also be related to feeling uncomfortable and suffering from low self esteem due to hair loss in large chunks or thinning hair. It can be a dishonorable condition for men and women throughout the world. The best thing is that many safe and less invasive techniques of hair restoration are available these days. ACell + Power PRP with Neograft Hair Transplant Surgery is one of the most effective techniques used for this purpose these days. In this technique, two natural elements, ACell and Power PRP, have been combined to enable re-growth of hair. ACell invites growth hormones to treat the site along with improving the looks of the scalp. Power PRP includes cytokines and proteins to heal the scalp due to a high concentration of platelets.

In this treatment Neograft is the third, FDA approved, the automated element which transplants hair without any suture, scars and incision.

acell hair restoration near me
acell hair restoration near me

How ACell Power PRP Therapy Works?

The combination of these three elements, including natural healing abilities and advanced technology, creates the best system of hair transplant. You can try this combination of surgery and natural therapy to get faster results in a shorter time for growing lasting hair.

ACell is a cellular regeneration product, approved by FDA, to use for improving the regrowth of hair for men and women both. At present, it is used as a STEM Cell therapy to restore the regrowth of hair in a nonsurgical manner.

ACell + Power PRP Therapy is a 100% natural therapy. We are approved by FDA to provide complementary consultation and service through our best physicians in Orlando. If you are looking for a natural hair loss treatment to get quick results without any pain then you can visit one of our treatment facilities to meet Dr. J at USA Hair Clinic. They provide two types of 100% safe and natural hair loss treatment including ACell Power PRP and ACell PRF at a very reasonable cost.

acell hair restoration near me

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